Should You Give Out Your Phone Number?

For most people, giving out your phone number is pretty easy and without a second thought. In a world where scammer and spammers and even stalkers didn't exist, this would be great. In reality, you should only be giving your phone number to people you trust, like family members and close friends. When it comes to acquaintances and people you just met, consider using Text Privately for a virtual number that can protect your privacy, so those you give it to will never know your real phone number.

FREE Incoming Text Messages

You did read that correctly. This means that ALL of your INCOMING – anything that anyone texts you — from anywhere in the world — is FREE.

We only charge you for Forwarded text messages.
Rates per text message may vary in your country.

Using Text Privately For Your Business

Are you a startup or just trying to cut costs of phone numbers? Use Text Privately to purchase phone numbers around the United States and Canada to appear as if you have several locations. Assign virtual phone numbers to all of your employees!

Using Virtual Numbers For Websites

Whether you want to list a phone number on your blog or website or enter in a required phone number into a website, feel free to use Text Privately as a primary phone number which can better monitor and weed out text messages you may not wish to receive.

Virtual Numbers As Disposable

Want a new phone number every few weeks? Every few months? Every few years? Want several new numbers? Feel free to use Text Privately to subscribe to an unlimited amount of numbers for whatever purposes you may need them for, whether you are having a one-time event or a recurring event. Virtual disposable numbers are served to you on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled at any time.

Leaving A Message With Virtual Numbers

With Text Privately, you can turn your virtual numbers into a message-only system, for leaving instructions to your texters, or just wish to leave a message for anyone who texts your virtual phone number.

Blacklisting With Virtual Numbers

Text Privately allows you to blacklist texters who might be annoying or bothering you. Add an unlimited amount of phone numbers and any texter who is on the blacklist will be blocked instantly. You will never even know they sent a text!

Suspending Virtual Numbers

Text Privately takes into consideration that you may want to temporarily suspend your virtual phone number for a time period without actually losing the phone number. Consider it airplane mode for your phone without actually having to turn your phone off or put it into airplane mode!

Note: You will still be charged for suspended virtual phone numbers.

Virtual Number Log Records

Text Privately will always keep a log of phone numbers that have texted your virtual number as well as the receiving number. This helps you keep track of everything you need to know including charges that were incurred for the text message.

Setting Mulitple Numbers with Virtual Numbers

Text Privately allows you to set one phone number per virtual number, however, this number can be any number that you have verified. You can have the same phone number for all of your virtual numbers or different phone numbers for each virutal number.

Text Privately Requires Country Code If Not In US or Canada

Text Privately assumes you live in the United States or Canada and will automatically add the country code for you if you happen to forget it. If you prefer to add it yourself, you can always go into your Settings and check off not add 1 in front of numbers. You will have to add your country code. If you do not know your country code, you can find a list of all country codes here:

Text Privately Saves Thousands Of Dollars A Year

Text Privately saves thousands of dollars a year for your startup or business. Traditional business lines and phones alone can cost hundreds of dollar each just for setup alone! Ditching the hardware and going with a virtual number can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars every year! There are no setup or cancellation fees!

Unlimited Virtual Numbers

There is no limit to the amount of virtual numbers you can have on your account. If you need one or two for a few days, weeks, months, or years, we have them for you! If you need a dozen virutal phones, simply add them to your account and then link your phone with the virtual number!

What Are Virtual Numbers Really?

Virtual Numbers are phone numbers in the cloud that are redirected to a specified route. There is no physical system or hardware associated with any of your virtual numbers which allows you to create an unlimited amount of virtual numbers.

No Hassle, No Hound, Only Virtual Numbers!

Virtual Numbers at your fingertips. No tricks. No gimmicks. No hidden pricing. Our sales department is not here to hound you or harass you with emails and calls day in and day out. You decide when to add your credit card. You decide when to add virtual numbers. You decide when to remove virtual numbers. You decide when to remove your credit card. We have a hands-off approach to most of our products with the ability for you to always communicate with us if you do have questions or issues. We respect your right to privacy and believe you are completely capable of making your own choices when it comes to using our product.

Use Your Virtual Numbers To Send Texts!

Mask your own phone number behind your virtual number to text others. Simply text your virtual number with the number of the person OR their alias and the message (ex: joe:hey joe!).

To add an alias, you can either do it through the Dashboard or text to your virtual number.


  • add an alias> add joe:1555555555
  • delete an alias> del joe

Note: Only your associated Redirect number has access to send text messages.

Know who sent you a text message!

Most of us stopped memorizing phone numbers long ago and usually just add it into our phones with the person's name so we just search for their name when sending a message. When sending a text message, you can easily type in joe:hey there and a message will be sent to their number. When joe replies back, our system will check for his number and convert it to his name, so you know exactly who is texting you!

Organizing Your Life With Virtual Numbers!

If you are an entreprenur or a business owner, virtual numbers are definitely for you. You could have one virtual number specifically for your employees and another for your customers.

As an entreprenur, you know your life is far too busy to keep track of sometimes. Why not give out a virtual number for the startups, the small busineses, or the ones who have an idea, but have not quite gotten there yet?

Imagine being able to organize your life by giving out phone numbers for specific reasons. If you have several things going on all at once, you should probably dedicate a phone number to each. With our Note system, you can leave a note for why you have a specific number and what it is being used for. Once you have set your number for whatever your reason, you can now give that number out to those who are associated with it for that reason.

Giving out a specific number to a specific person allows you to keep track of your business needs and where that person and your virtual number belongs in your life.

Setting Up A Note With Your Virtual Number

In keeping to organizing your virtual phone numbers, you might be so busy you might need to keep track of which phone number is which and who you might have given it out to and what purpose it serves. With the Note feature, you can leave notes for yourself or your employees regarding a specific virtual number.

Texting Your Own Virtual Numbers

By default, texting your virtual number from your redirect number will allow you to send an outgoing text by adding the alias and the message (ex: friend:hello joe!). You can disable this feature in the Settings so that no outgoing messages are allowed.

Turn Off Redirect But Still Receive Text Messages

If you prefer, you can turn off the Redirect services so text messages are only received on our platform for FREE!

Use Telegram With Text Privately For Ultimate Security and Privacy

Move off the grid completely with Telegram and Text Privately.

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.

  • Private: Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct.
  • Cloud-Based: Telegram lets you access your messages from multiple devices.
  • Fast: Telegram delivers messages faster than any other application.
  • Distributed: Telegram servers are spread worldwide for security and speed.
  • Open: Telegram has an open API and protocol free for everyone.
  • Free: Telegram is free forever. No ads. No subscription fees.
  • Secure: Telegram keeps your messages safe from hacker attacks.
  • Powerful: Telegram has no limits on the size of your media and chats.
  • We Can do It!: Help make messaging safe again – spread the word about Telegram.

The perfect combination. Telegram and Text Privately will allow you complete privacy and security by ensuring your data is encrypted and leaves no trace among any of the major carriers.

Take control of your phone again and ensure no one but you and your recipient are reading your text messages.

Download Telegram for Android

Download Telegram for iOS

Read more about Telegram

Note: Text Privately has no affiliation with Telegram.
Note: Telegram requires both participants to actually have the Telegram app.

Note: Don't forget to turn the encryption feature on in Telegram.

Use WhatsApp With Text Privately For Perfect Security and Privacy

WhatsApp and Text Privately are a great combo for immediate end-to-end encryption, ensuring that the sender and receiver are the only one who get to see the message. Turn off logging in Text Me Private to guarantee no details of the message.

Protect Your Kids With A Virtual Number

More children are being given cell phones at a younger age. This cell phone basically becomes their identity and is the best way to reach them. With a Virtual Number, a parent can easily log the text messages and monitor them from Text Privately. A child's real phone number never has to be given out and with our Alias system, a child can easily text back and forth. For example:

  • mom hey mom I need a ride
  • dad hey dad where is mom?

This will give your child the concept of texting easily without having to ever worry about typing in a number once Mom and Dad aliases are set.

Use Your Virtual Number With Call Me Private and Text Privately

You may want to use the same virtual number for texting and calling.

With the bridge feature, you can now use the same virtual number on both platforms.

Send text messages with Text Privately online!

Try our Mass Sender Service which allows you to send text messages online directly from the Text Privately platform!

With Text Privately, upload and send MMS to one or multiple phone numbers all at once!

Send images through text messages with Text Privately online!

With Text Privately, become an automated text-only answer center!

Command and Answer center with input/output recognition! Automated responses from your virutal number!

With Text Privately, send a text mass text to thousands of numbers!

Send a text message to hundreds to thousands of numbers all at the same time!

With Text Privately, send a text mass text to an entire group!

Categorize your numbers into groups and send the entire group a text message!

With Text Privately, clone your data from one number to another!

Want a new number and all the data that comes with it? Quickly switch to a new number and CLONE ALL THE DATA FROM YOUR OLD NUMBER!